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Amazing Work by GPD

The front page of the local daily had a story about a “rash of robberies” in Greenwich.  In recent weeks there have been four high-profile armed robberies in the town of Greenwich.  Amazingly, GPD has solved three of them within hours.

The two drug-related CVS robberies — one in Riverside and one on Greenwich Avenue — were solved with near-immediate speed by fine police work initially from the patrol division who spotted the suspects promptly after the crime was said to have been committed.

This past Sunday patrol supervisor, Sgt. John Thorme (known to many in the town of Greenwich as the handler for now retired K-9 officer Shilo, and first Neighbor Resource Officer or NRO for the East Sector Community and Police Partnership or “East CAPP”) spotted the Greenwich Avenue CVS suspect minutes after the alleged robbery. As NRO for East CAPP, Thorme arranged for CAPP members to experience a small sample of the training required of officers, including shoot, don’t shoot scenarios.  Thorme’s training and experience paid dividends when he confronted the suspect who was armed with what appeared to be a Beretta hand-gun but turned out to be a look-alike BB gun.  Thorme used excellent judgment and skill to have the suspect comply with his order to drop the gun.  An inexperienced officer may have shot the armed suspect first.  Thorme’s training and skill saved a life.

After the arrest of the Greenwich CVS suspect, officers from the detective division developed evidence to make an arrest of a different suspect in the Subway Sandwich Shop (28 Greenwich Ave.) robbery which happened less than 36 hours earlier.

The Riverside CVS robbery suspect was noticed within hours of the incident by patrol officer Schuttler who knew the suspect from prior police contact.  She alerted other officers and with evidence developed by Detectives Pier Corticelli, William Weissauer, Rich Stook, Sgt. Joe Ryan, Sgt. Tim Hilderbrand, and Patrol Officer Barrow an arrest was made immediately.

Difficult economic times may explain the recent armed robberies.  Outstanding police explains why the town of Greenwich remains a safe place.


Camillo Becomes Fire Cop


Joe Kaliko, President of the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol, Inc. (the “Patrol”) announced today that State Representative Fred Camillo (R-D151) had applied for membership in the Patrol.  This past Wednesday, February 9, 2011, the Patrol voted to induct Representative Camillo as an Associate Member.

Fred was sworn in today, February 12, 2011, by Chief Brian Kelly in a ceremony held at the Cos Cob Firehouse. Fred has expressed an interest in learning more about the needs of the volunteer firefighter community in general, statewide. In fact, he has already been active sponsoring H.B. 5054 AN ACT CONCERNING INDEMNIFICATION FOR VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANIES, VOLUNTEER FIRE POLICE PATROLS AND VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE SERVICES” pending before the state legislature.  This legislation seeks to put on par with municipally employed emergency service providers, the same indemnification and defense provisions municipalities are now obliged by statute to extend only to paid staff.

Additionally Fred has expressed a desire to learn more about Fire Police Patrols operating throughout  the state; and how these resources can be best utilized in a tough economy to save the state and strapped municipalities money.Many people do not even know what a Fire Police patrol is.  There are even some who do not appreciate just how much volunteer service providers, such as volunteer firemen and ambulance workers, enhance a municipality’s emergency service provider portfolio.  Fred’s membership in our organization will help change that.

We understand that Fred plans “from the “inside” to and evaluate the needs of volunteer service providers and how those needs could be addressed via the legislative process at the state level; and via ordinance or policy at the local level. Speaking on behalf of the Patrol, we are very proud and honored that Representative Camillo has taken an active interest in our organization and welcome him to the Patrol.






(Greenwich, CT: For Immediate Release, Thursday, February 10, 2011) Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sidney Freund and Greenwich High School (GHS) Headmaster Chris Winters have announced a reorganization of high school administration. The GHS administration has been restructured with three goals in mind:

1. To maximize administrative time devoted to instructional leadership including classroom observation, teacher support, and continuous review and refinement of curriculum,

2. To more proactively, efficiently and effectively address student discipline, and

3. To better define and align high school administrative positions, duties and responsibilities.

The new structure provides for five House Administrator positions responsible for administration of each of the Houses as well as curriculum program oversight and/or teacher evaluation/professional learning responsibilities. The House Administrator positions replace the Housemaster positions and three of the Program Administrator positions. A new administrative position has been created – Dean of Students – to focus on working proactively to ensure a safe learning environment for all students. The Dean will be responsible for student discipline and other administrative duties as outlined in the attached documents. This structure is more efficient in its assignment of administrative duties and results in a reduction of two administrator positions.

The new organizational structure also creates five part-time (0.4 FTE) Assistant Dean positions, one assigned to each House. These positions will be filled by certified teachers (GEA) and will be focused on student discipline – supervised by their House Administrator and working with the Dean of Students to proactively engage students in positive behaviors and activities as well as addressing any infractions.

This reorganization enables instructional leaders to focus on instruction and separates out responsibility for student behavior and discipline – allowing house administrators to concentrate their efforts on improving general classroom practices and focusing on course content as well as addressing the administrative duties of each House. Also, providing a different, improved and proactive structure for managing student behavior should reduce infractions and increase overall satisfaction and performance.

The new House Administrator and Dean of Students administrator positions will be posted internally this week, with the objective of finalizing the new assignments by mid-March.

# # #


GPD shuts down Arch Street Dance — sends over 400 teens home

Once again this year, the Red and White Ball held at the Arch Street Teen Center, was marred by an incident. This year, the dance, held last weekend, was so unruly as to be shut down by the Greenwich Police Department for public safety reasons.

Approximately 450 GHS students attended the dance, held on February 5. GPD was dispatched to the Teen Center, located at 100 Arch St. on a report of an unconscious female. When police arrived they discovered numerous heavily intoxicated youths, six of whom had to be transported to the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Room and one of whom was arrested.

Determining that the event was out of control, the police shut down the event, and escorted all of the over 400 teens to the Island Beach parking lot and stayed with the youths until each of them was picked up by a parent or guardian.

The next Teen Center dance is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 12, according to the Arch Street website.  Isn’t it time the Teen Center adopted the same system used at Greenwich High School dances — a breathalyzer test before entering the dance?


Our Greenwich Resident Gold Standard Advocate

Local resident Lewis Lerhman who served as President Reagan’s Gold Commissioner, is the guiding intellect behind a fantastic new website making a compelling case for an international gold convertibility standard.


GPD Citizens Acadamy Applications Being Accepted


The Greenwich Police Department is accepting applications (below) for the 2011 Citizen’s Police Academy Spring session. The 5-week program will commence on Thursday April 26, 2011 and will meet each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-9:00 pm at the Greenwich Police Department. Two Saturday classes will also be held from 11 am-3 pm on May 7th and 21st 2011. Graduation will be held on Thursday May 26, 2011. Completed applications and a motor vehicle operator’s license photocopy must be received at the Greenwich Police Department Community Impact Section no later than Monday April 15th 2011.

The Citizen’s Police Academy provides Greenwich residents with a first-hand overview of both law enforcement and community-related functions of their Police Department.

Topics of instruction include:

Introduction to Policing Community Impact Section
Use of Force Scams/Fraud
Patrol Procedures Crime prevention
Motor Vehicle Stops/DUI, Narcotics Investigations
Special Response Unit / K-9 Domestic Violence Investigations
Crime Scenes (CSI) Criminal Investigations/Special Victims

Instructors for the program are highly-trained and experienced Greenwich Police Officers. In addition to participating in role-playing exercises, attendees will accompany on-duty police personnel on boat and vehicle ride-a-longs which are scheduled beyond regular class times. A demonstration at the Police Firing Range will allow recruits to participate in mock scenarios where an officer may or may not have to fire their weapon.

Applicants must be a Greenwich resident and 18 years of age or older. There is no fee for the five-week program; however, the Department requests that applicants be committed to the full five-week program. The class size is limited to 40 students. Due to the high demand for this course, qualified applicants will be subject to a lottery drawing to determine the final class roster.

A criminal history background check will be performed on all applicants. Accepted recruits will be contacted during the week of April 15, 2011.

Applicants will attend classes as follows:
April 26, 28 – May 3, 5, 7,10,12,17,19,21,24,and 26..

Applications may be obtained in person at the Greenwich Police Department front desk, Greenwich Town Hall reception desk, or downloaded from the Town of Greenwich web site by visiting www.greenwichct.org.

Any questions should be directed to the Greenwich Police Department Community Impact Section at 203-618-8308. The Session coordinator is Sgt. Michael Reynolds.

January 25, 2011




Snow Emergency Declared

Town of Greenwich
Office of the First Selectman

January 26, 2011

The Greenwich Board of Selectmen (Messers: Tesei, Theis & Marzullo) acting in its capacity as the Town’s Traffic Authority have enacted  Article 3 “Snow Emergency Regulations” declaring a “Snow Emergency” pursuant to Sec.
14-39  and in anticipation of another snow storm. Residents and visitors should prepare now to remove their vehicles from designated roads. Cars parked along designated “snow routes” are subject to fines and towing.
Travelers should use extreme caution. The “snow emergency” will remain in effect until further notice.

Please stay warm and drive safely.

Peter J. Tesei
First Selectman
Town of Greenwich
(Phone)  (203) 622-7710
(Fax)  (203) 622-3793


A Day of Penance

I was reminded in the weekly bulletin of St. Mary’s on the Avenue, that “the [Catholic] bishops of the United States have designated Saturday, January 22, as a special Day of Penance for the Pro-life cause. They have designated this as a day for all Catholics in the United States to either abstain from meat (as on Fridays in Lent) or to perform some other Act of Penance (saying the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, etc.) in reparation to God for the sins against life committed in our country and as an act of prayer for the protection of all human life.”

January 22 is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and in the intervening 38 years there have been millions of abortions. What does it say about a society where is it a crime to harm the egg of a vulture (the California condor) but it is okay to abort a human fetus? Some say that we don’t know if a fetus is a life – that is “above our pay-grade” to know when life begins. In America there is a presumption of innocence. Why not a presumption of life – especially when death could be the alternative?


GPD Warns of Grandparent Fraud

The following Official Town Press Release comes to you courtesy of the Greenwich Community and Police Partnership (”CAPP”).


Grandparent Fraud

On 1-13-11 the victim (a grandmother) was contacted by a man claiming to be a Police Officer from Madrid Spain. The Officer related her grandson had been with a group of people within a vehicle that had been stopped by police. Within the vehicle were drugs. That the grandson was arrested and needed $2,800.00 in order to make bail. That once he made bail he would have to testify against the person that actually was in possession of the drugs. That once the grandson testified he would be released and could return to the United States.

The victim related that the story did not seem that far off due to the fact that her grandson was just in Spain during the holidays.

The victim was advised to contact a “Jill Thomas” at 514-573-2466 after she sent the money through Western Union. After she sent the wire, she received a text message on her cell phone explaining that the money was received and that someone would be in contact with her on 1-14-11.

The victim later made contact with her grandson and found he was safe in the United Stated at college. The money was never returned.

This Department and other Departments in the State have been receiving complaints very similar to this scam. Each scam includes some sort of the following:

· a loved one is in danger or in a hospital or under arrest

· the incident occurred overseas or where the subject attends school or where they had been on vacation

· the money needs to be wired immediately so assistance can be given

· and the call back numbers given to the victim originate out of country.

If you receive a call similar to the incident mentioned above or receive a letter stating you won the lottery and need to send money to collect the prize, don’t send any money. You are being scammed and will never see the money again. YOU should initiate a call to the love one DIRECTLY. Be mindful that any call or letter stating you need to act NOW or if you’re directed to go to a certain location to wire the money. These are all red flags and you should be wary.

Scams wherein the perpetrator takes advantage of the trusting nature of an elderly grandparent are not new and are very common. These thieves are praying on your compassion and trustworthiness…… Please….. Verify before someone asks you to wire larges sums of money.


CVS Case Arrest

The following Official Town Press Release comes to you courtesy of the Greenwich Community and Police Partnership (”CAPP”).


Armed Robbery

CVS Pharmacy- Riverside

GPD Case # 11-100133

Update- Arrest

Greenwich,CT: At approximately 11:30 PM on January 18,2011 the CVS Pharmacy located at 1239 East Putnam Ave was robbed at knifepoint.

The suspect entered the “employee only” area of the pharmacy and was brandishing a knife. The suspect confronted the pharmacist and demanded to be given prescription narcotics. The pharmacists complied with the demands and the suspect fled the store. The lone suspect is seen getting into a dark colored minivan and speeding away from the parking lot. No one was injured during the robbery and no other suspects were believed to be involved.

During the early morning hour of Wednesday January 19, 2011, patrols officers interviewed a person of interest to the robbery. During the course of the interview officers believed that they now had a solid suspect. The house were the interview was taking place was secured to safeguard any evidence of the crime from being destroyed or removed. At this point the suspect became belligerent and noncompliant with the officers. The suspect was then arrested for Interfering with an Investigation. The suspect was then brought to the police headquarters were he was held overnight.

In the interim the Detective Division obtained a search and seizure warrant for the residence. Upon executing said warrant, the Detective’s recovered evidence of the suspects involvement in the robbery.

An arrest warrant affidavit was then completed, signed by a judge, and served. The suspect is identified as:

Patrick Marr, 23yoa, Male

10 River Lane

Cos Cob, CT

Robbery 1st 53a-124 Felony

Interfering with an Officer 53a-167a Misdemeanor

The suspect was presented in Stamford Superior Court on Thursday January 20, 2011. He currently is held at Bridgeport Correctional Facility in lieu of $650,000 dollar bond.